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2019 Reflections

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

As we are approaching the end of 2019, like everyone, businesses also made strategic long-term vision with bite-size or commonly known as SMART milestone or goalpost set to assess the progression. It is important to do a business health check to optimise the business strengths and work harder to address the weaknesses to meet the rapid changing environmental changes like government policies, regulations, competitions, digitalisation and so forth.

Have you heard about KonMari method? The organising guru Marie Kondo is known for her organisation skills that transform the living environment by surrounding yourself with joy. Similarly, all types of businesses should also reflect the past years performance to eliminate the ‘waste’ and re-prioritise or re-structure the route to move on towards their vision.

Get over struggle with market entry

We believe a successful market entry strategy has several attributes. But why struggle further if it has been a challenging experience? Time is essence especially in this digitized economy where things are moving faster than we can grasp our breath for the next wave. It makes a more productive decision to seek out expertise in the market to make reliable and informed decisions to put your company at a fair advantage to compete in your field.

Let’s start your business New Year resolution to seek out help to address the pain points and bring back the joy to your business journey.

Happy New Year!!

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