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No-Code Medical Cloud Platform 

Are you a Device Manufacturer sending Patient data to Cloud?

You have come to the Right Place!


Quickly and easily connect your Devices, create customized Patient / Caregiver workflows, and integrate with the entire ecosystem. FDA, HIPAA and ISO13485 compliant platform. BioT cloud platform from Ontogenix, works on AWS, Azure or other generic backend.


How it works?

Medical Cloud: Built on 3 Pillars




  • Connect your devices to cloud through your App or SDK toolkit.

  • Implement advanced data-driven AI algorithms on the cloud.

  • Manage devices remotely with universal updates

  • Transfer data and Optimise storage, per data type



  • Integrate with the ecosystem (EHR, RPM, EDC, QMS, etc.),

  • Share information with doctors, patients and the ecosystem, Improve patient engagement

  • Send notifications via the medium convenient to your patient



  • Identify critical events and creating automatic alerts.

  • Prevent Non-adherence,  Understanding patterns and create personal engagement

  • Leverage Data driven Decisions  & Provide real-world, accurate information for physicians

Build Your Own Cloud Vs BioT - Considerations

•Cost of development


•Technical Implementation


•Security considerations


•Regulatory compliance

Get Started with BioT’s Self-Service Platform

View a short workflow video

Medical Technology Compliance


Frequently asked questions

1. Can I customise Bio-T Platform on my own?

BioT lets you create your own data aggregator, allowing you to control and manage all data collected by your devices.

2. How can I run my algorithms when working with BioT?

We have a dedicated plugin API that enables you to deploy and execute your own algorithms and code on any of BioT’s modules, including the Measurement module that derives the measurements stream from the device. BioT can support almost any coding language or technology.

3. How does Bio-T protect my patients privacy?

As a platform for IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices, privacy is the highest priority in each feature of the platform. BioT encrypts and deidentifies PHI as needed, makes sure nothing slips to ancillary data stores like log files, and guarantees data privacy through HIPAA BAA and GDPR DPA agreements. BioT also includes specific regulation enablement features such as consent management, audit logs, and the compliant multi-region data-routing service.

Ontogenix Value -add

At Ontogenix, we understand and specialise in Medical Devices. We shall guide you along the way to ensure painless on-boarding process to optimise your product & solution offering.  We are authorised BioT partner for Asia.

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